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The City of Nairobi has a lot to offer to both a novel and returning visitor. Home to an estimated four million inhabitants and sprawling over a 60 kilometre diameter, Nairobi is a dynamic and interesting city to visit. Magna Hotel and Suites is located close to eight world class golf courses, most notably Muthaiga and Windsor Golf Clubs which are within a combined 10 kilometres radius of the hotel. The scenic 9-hole century-old Railway Golf Club is a six iron from the Kenya Parliament!

The National Museum is a short six kilometres drive and worth visiting. The Nairobi National Park remains to be the only national park, in the world, located in the middle of a capital city. It is home to many species of animals and multicoloured vistas including Nairobi's sky line. For all other unforgetable explorations of the city kindly visit our Front Office for a well curated experience like the nearest cafes, shopping venues and cinemas.

Nature Walks

For rejuvenating walks around the nearby Karura Forest Reserve Sanctuary. The sanctuary is famed for its unique biodiversity which is emblematic of the region's equatorial climatic. Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai was instrumental in the conservancy of the sanctuary. For a tailored experience, our Front Office will assist you in arranging for your memorable excursion.


Our diverse country has an array of national parks spanning the whole country. For more information, please visit out Front Office to arrange for an exciting tour.

United Nations

The United Nations Office in Nairobi is one of the four major UN office sites in the world. The office was established in 1996 is home to various UN agencies who have a joint presence. Scheduled tours are available upon request.

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